Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She's out!

Playing in the playroom before surgery yesterday

She went down at 9 am  (easy) and woke up at 11 am (very hard).The actual surgery time was only a little over an hour.Imagine that! It is well known that our surgeon of choice is the best in this region.What I didn't realize is that he is almost superhuman in speed and precision and not to mention his stitches are like artwork- very very fine.
We love you Prof L !

This is about 3 hours after surgery.Yup, no bandage.For the first surgery,her bandage survived almost 24 hours.After that, it came out at the hands of an active toddler.Any attempt to rebandage was futile.

This time,it survived maybe 10 minutes?

The moment she woke up from the anesthesia,she was pretty disoriented and she struggled hard.It took maybe three nurses to calm her down.The thing about a groggy deaf child who refused to open her eyes is she couldn't hear you and didn't understand what was happening until she opened her eyes and saw mommy trying to hold her.Then,she practically jumped into my arms and accused everybody else of being naughty,smelly and other things (she doesn't have very many bad words in her vocabulary).

Other than that,she's fine now that she has settled down.No vomitting or anything.I hope it will be an easy recovery.

Again,keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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