Friday, October 1, 2010

One year ago...

I'm actually pretty late with this one.Rhianna celebrated her first hearing birthday on September 15th 2010.

One year ago..we were all very hopeful (still are) about her future..but we never thought that we would see her talk so much, so soon...this girl can talk and she talks all the time...sometimes clearly,sometimes with sound errors (then again,she's only three) and sometimes in jargons (still!).She talks to the cats,to her dolls,to herself, basically to all animate and inanimate objects.

Once, we went on a 5 hour road trip with a few friends and everybody swore that the next time they travel with Rhianna,they'll be bringing their mp3 players with earphones.Seriously, I think she's making up for the last 2 years without sound.Now that she discovered her voice,she needs to hear it all the time.

I'm not complaining..I love her sweet voice.Especially when she calls me mummy...Other mothers might think that it's no big deal..but I'm a mother of a deaf child and to hear her speak, is so,so sweet.

We have seen a lot of progress this past year.She can now hold a simple conversation,answer questions and tell me what happened in school in her sometimes broken sentences.
She's even learning to read and she can sight read a few of her story books even without pictures.
She was always very cheeky and charming but with verbal ability,her personality blooms even more.She makes friends more easily and she teases and jokes all the times.

Though her speech and language skill is not yet on par with her hearing peers,she has made tremendous progress in just one year..from a nonverbal child who signed to a chatterbox who loves songs and silly rhymes.

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  1. Happy Hearing Birthday, Rhianna!!! I've often said that the wonderful thing about having a child with a special need is that we get to derive profound joy from things that other parents take for granted.