Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glamour girl

Ever since she received the tutu skirt as a belated birthday gift,she has been prancing around in it begging to go to a ballet  class.Then,she begs to shop for new blouses with glitters to wear with the skirt (check out the pic).She's also begging for another tutu skirt (purple,this time).If I knew that this tutu skirt was going to cause me so much problem,I would have stopped my friend from buying this for her.

In another development,the new ear's progress is fast and steady.Her understanding with the new ear alone is almost similar to the old one,only that she might need some repetition at times.So I guess it is still pretty effortful to hear with that ear alone.

She's doing very well in pre school too.She counts and writes up to 30,understands quantity concept (they're starting addition soon),writes her own name independantly,recognises both upper and lower case alphabets.She reads familiar words quite well and was 'outstanding' in spelling activities according to her teacher...well,as outstanding as a 4 year old could be, I guess.

I'm glad that she's picking up a lot in school.She has many friends and gaining more language skills.She continues to amaze us everyday with different vocabulary and different pragmatic use of language.
We have reached a point where people who don't know her do not even realise that she is deaf...until they see the processors, if they could see it since the processors are pretty hidden now that she has short hair.

We still have many things to teach and show her though.Not just how to listen and speak,but how to grow into a strong individual.How to advocate for herself and have a positivite attitude.How to care for other people and give back to the community.How to live well and be happy with your life...for in the end this is what matters most.

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