Monday, June 7, 2010

Flying solo

Since turning 3,Rhianna has been upgraded into 'creative kids' music appreciation class.This class is for 3-5 years old and no longer adult accompanied.
Again,she was not at all disturbed by the fact that she has to attend the class alone for an hour.I,on the other hand was very anxious to see whether she can cope with the other normal hearing kids since her language skill is still delayed.
In this class,the children learn about different musical instruments,and different music and movements activities.They are also encouraged to participate and socialize with friends and be more independant.
Unlike the toddler class where they always receive a little sticker as a reward for any kind of participation,this class reserves the stickers only for good participation and good behaviour.
Never in a million years would I be this nervous to see whether my child receives a sticker or not!This sticker to me signifies Rhianna's ability to compete with her hearing peers and of course her first step towards being in a mainstream education.
The minute she got out I checked,and there it was...the shining little sticker!My child has flown solo..


  1. Congratulations on the sticker, and all that it symbolizes! Music is *so* important for all kids, especially ones with hearing loss. In addition to the enjoyment and the cultural education, it can really improve speech. What kind of music do they learn about in the class?

  2. At this point,they basically learn rhythm and intonation through various children's songs.They work a lot on auditory memory and auditory perception which is especially great in Rhianna's case.
    We're lucky to have such a supportive group there.It does wonder to her self esteem too.