Friday, May 28, 2010

Trip to the airport

We went to the airport today to meet my brother (whom we have not seen for many months).He was on his way back to Langkawi Island from his training work in Bali Island (imagine flying from one exotic island to much luckier can he get?).Since he had 3 hours transit time to kill in the airport,we thought that it would be fun for Rhianna to see her Pak Ngah again.
She made some paper flowers in the afternoon and decided to bring one for her uncle.She was quite shy at first but they ended up buddies as always.She spent most of the hours bullying her uncle into drawing for her and making her some origamis.
The airport was very noisy (of course) so I switched her freedom into noise program.I didn't think that she would hear much of what we were saying but she seemed fine.She said "aeroplane go up,up,up"
when I took her to see some planes taking off.
She explored around and heard me when I called her from about 3-4 metres away with all the noise.So I guess she's getting better at listening in noise.
She ate chocolates and ice cream and spilled some on the floor (and on daddy!) then she kept telling me "ice cream tumpah" ( spilled).When the cleaner came to clean,she said "sorry" and "thank you".So I know that she knows some social pleasantries.
It was a lovely outing and the girl was dead tired and fell asleep in the car (much to mum's relief).

p/s: Pak Ngah if you're reading,hope to see you and your boys in mid June!

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