Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy birthday big girl !

May 13th 2010 is Rhianna's 3rd birthday!We decided to give her a big party since this is the first time she's gonna hear people singing happy birthday to her.The last 2 years she didn't have access to sound..(so sad..when I think about it now).And now that she's 3 and entering preschool years, she can understand and appreciate things better so it's gonna be fun for her.

We had one party with cupcakes for 10 of her little friends in the music class today.She was sooo happy but a bit shy from all the attention that she got from her friends and their mummies.She received some presents from her friends (already opened and enjoyed!).
she was still singing the birthday song until her bedtime..

What she didn't really know is that, there'll be another party on Sunday at Mc Donald's with her school friends and many of her favourite aunties and uncles.There'll be more wonderful presents for her to enjoy (and for mom to utilize for therapy purposes!)..I can't wait! I'm probably more excited than she is.

We started the night before by 'bling'ing up her ear!

Cupcakes for friends and teachers!

Rhianna's friends -bless their little hearts (and their mummies')for accepting Rhianna and looking beyond her CI

birthday greetings from a friend

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  1. Happy Birthday to a sweet angel :)Well done, mummy dearie..(both mums)