Saturday, May 1, 2010

Imagine that!

As Rhianna grows older (she'll be 3 very soon!)she's becoming cheekier,naughtier and brattier.Today she was asking me for sweets and I told her no.She kept on saying 'nak sweets,nak sweets' on and on (I think just to irritate me).Just when I turned away, I heard an evil laugh "hahahaha".She had quietly taken the sweets from my handbag and doing the evil laugh.What a brat!
Anyway,I let her have the sweets because she pronounced the /h/ sound properly.

It's funny to see how she's starting to use all the sounds that she heard other people use.It might not be a big deal for other children but for a deaf child to hear and comprehend the purpose of these sounds is really amazing.

Some of the sounds she uses to express her emotions are "yucks" when she sees vegetables (or anything green for that matter),"whoops" when she drops something (or accidentally wet her pants!),"eeee" when something's dirty and "shhhh!" when she's watching tv and mommy talks too much.Imagine that!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh. Three is a cheeky age! Hahaha! You have to love a toddler that has the "evil laugh," lol.

    Nolan is getting naughtier, too- he'll be three in August. It must be the age!