Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Entering the preschool years-another party!

Rhianna turned 3 on may 13th and we had a cupcake party in her music class.Then,last Sunday (16th may) we had another party with friends and family.She got heaps of beautiful presents and a cute teddy bear cake.

When she was getting ready earlier she got very excited to know that it was her bday party,she couldn't sit still.And then she was very happy to see the mountains of presents for her but was quite shy from all the attention.

We all ate and the kids played games.
We sang the birthday song 3 times to make up for the years that she couldn't hear..but she got impatient with all the singing and no actions (c'mon,let's cut the cake already!)

Later she opened her presents (more photos to post)and ate more cakes.Yes,she had trouble sleeping that night from all the excitement (and sugar she consumed!)..but we were happy.

Singing 'happy birthday' 3 times to make up for the silent years

A teddy bear in pink tutu..how's that for a birthday cake!Rhianna said "bear!..no,cake..no,bear!"

playing games with friends.She didn't win any but enjoyed herself and got many stickers!

What?Another picture?She was quite shy from all the attention.Rhianna with Aisha (mama gee's sister who's always ready to babysit)

 Playing with her best friend Mia (5 years old)

  Mama Gee,the designated camerawoman who's always hiding behind her viewcam

The superdads hiding away watching sports while keeping an eye on their kids

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