Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Miss grump update

Little miss grump is her normal jolly self right now...no more episodes of severe temper tantrums.Because I was worried about sensory integration issues (which is quite common with hearing impaired kiddos),I took her to see a child developmental psychiatrist (superb dr!)in Seri Kembangan.After some observations and assessments done this is pretty much what we found out:

1.Rhianna's cognitive,motor skill and sensory is normal (except for her deafness of course!)She's a very perceptual,alert and observant child.No sensory integration issue is apparent.

2.She is actually an outgoing and extrovert child who likes to lead (surprise!) but has not developed necessary social skill for this (that's why she's so bossy!)

3.As by nature she is a bubbly girl,she has increased frustration level due to her inability to communicate verbally effectively (imagine having so many things to say and tell, but not enough words to do so?)This may sometimes affect her confidence level.As she learns more language and social skill,these problems will eventually subside.The Dr is pretty confident that she will catch up soon.

4.The severe temper tantrums episodes is most likely stress triggered and could be the result of emotional seizure? (still under investigation).

SOooo.. what should we do to help move her along?

1.Organize more play dates so that she mixes with other children of various ages and learn appropriate social behaviour like how to lead/follow the leader.
2.Do more real life activities with her instead of just play or pretend play.
3.Give her more control of her daily life activities like what she'd like to wear/eat,or when she'd like to take a shower..etc(I think she's already doing this,manipulating and bargaining until she gets her way!Or is that wrong?Maybe she shouldn't have to bargain and should only be given choices?)

So anymore ideas?Tell me people,how much more complex can a three year old be??

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