Saturday, May 22, 2010

thank you all!

Rhianna received mountains of wonderful presents for her birthday.All carefully selected by these wonderful people, friends and family.Most of them asked beforehand about what would be suitable to give a 3 year old girl with CI.So, as much fun as these toys seem to be,they are super functional for therapy (and mum can stop cracking her head looking for new therapy ideas!)

 Just received this one - Strawberry shortcake's berry cafe.Oh, and she got to choose it herself too(approved by mum of course).Thank you Shera!

  She got a magnetic writing board where she tirelessly practices writing the alphabets,numbers and finally drawing a face! The things sticking out on the sides are ears (well, that's what she told me!)

Of course we had to make many  many  thank you cards.Thank you all! We love the presents!!

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