Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wednesday is Rhianna's reading class day.As I was picking her up today I overheard the teacher complimenting another child telling the parent how well he can read.Having no experience with any hearing impaired child,I don't think the teacher fully understand yet about what kind of adjustments that she needs to do or what kind of progress to expect even.So she didn't comment much about Rhianna.

As I was driving back with Rhianna,I kept thinking whether I made the right decision sending her there.Is it too soon?Can she cope?Will she progress there or will she be stressed up unnecessarily?Suddenly I noticed Rhianna was rummaging into her bag.She sorted out the books, picked one up, pointed and said "SHOPPING!" I can tell you I was grinning like an idiot the whole drive home.

The story didn't end there though.Once home, we showed daddy the book and again Rhianna read "shopping".Then she opened the pages and start saying "ice-cream,toothpaste,peas,eggs,apples" while pointing to the written words(reading or memorising,who cares!).Now daddy and mommy both were grinning like a couple of idiots and Rhianna gave us the "I know these words,so what??" look and left us to find her dolls.

Rhianna's cute is that.Very funny!


  1. How wonderful! At this age, you wouldn't expect her to be consistently "reading" the words by identifying the letters. Instead, memorizing them (by associating them with the pictures) and then gradually learning to "sight read" them is more typical -- so even if that's what she's doing, that's great progress toward reading. And she is such a beautiful child -- I love the picture at the top. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Thanks for your comment Julia.I'm very happy even if Rhianna is just doing sight reading like you said,it's progress!You'd never believe how academic oriented asian parents are.Most of the children here read fluently by the age of 4 or latest by 5.
    I love your blog and Ben is such a cool dude :)