Sunday, May 2, 2010

From silence to sound

So far I've written only the good things but I'm not feeling particularly cheerful today.So I'll share some of my desperation and heartache.

Though most of the people around us have been very supportive,many more are not really so, mostly due to lack of knowledge.I've had a doctor saying "but her sounds are still not clear"...and Rhianna was JUST 3 months post implant at that time!You would think that a medical personnel would know better..hmmm

Mostly people on the street would just stare at her CI,some whisper with each other,some would stop me and ask about the device..and I prefer that.Then at least I can try to explain about the options that you have should you be blessed with a deaf child.

Once there was a woman who stopped and gawked at Rhianna's ear...yes,I mean it.She put her face about 5 inches from Rhianna's ear (I wish Rhianna had punched her face!).When I pulled Rhianna away,she continued to stare like we were some kind of exhibition.Maybe I should have explained to her but I just didn't have the patience that day.

There are people that I know, who try to teach Rhianna to talk and expect her to produce the correct word...when she cant,they keep on repeating and expecting a correct respond.When she still can't (or won't) they write her off..oh well she's deaf.

I wish people would understand how much patience and hard work it takes for these deaf children to learn to listen...and they can learn,don't simply write them off.

Yes,Rhianna still has a long road to travel,many more obstacles to overcome.But she has come a long way from silence to sound,from signs to speech...give her credit for that.


  1. These little deaf kids work so hard ....they are little warriors in their efforts to learn to hear. As a mother I always found it heart wrenching when my son was not given the opportunity to speak or when he was expected to produce conversations on demand by people who did not understand what a miracle was unfolding. It just needed time to develop.

  2. If only we can make other people see our kids beyond their CIs and really know them as individuals with their own potentials.