Sunday, September 5, 2010

Of Donald duck and art time!

Rhianna has been watching too much tv...I know because I've been humming Donald Duck's song in my sleep..
(who's got the sweetest disposition,one guess,guess who?who never never starts an argument,who never shows a bit of temperament,who's never wrong but always right,who's never dream of starting a fight,who gets stuck with all the bad one but Donald Duck!)

In order to cut back the tv time we are trying to put in more art time ( inspired by Elsie's art playpen )
So good bye mickey and donald (hopefully)!

Here's some photos from our recent art time.

Squemish at first but enjoying the activity

We did some finger painting and leaf printing...(green cabbage from the fridge actually as mommy didnt pick any leaves before that).She kept complaining about her dirty hands and was a bit squemish at first but she did well after that.

Huffing and puffing and rolling

We blew the colours and rolled them with the toy car...she painted a tree with her fingers and put some red dots that she claimed were apples..

These are the results:

the apple tree and the sun

Fish and flowers (that's what I was told)

It was a good activity and learning experience.She learned a lot of new words and I learned that my child knows more words and things than I thought she knew.

p/s : I also learned that she's a demanding little creature..even though I love her to the very core of my being,I always feel like weeping with JOY when Monday comes and school and nursery reopen...

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