Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flu Scare !!

Last week was sick week...everybody around us was down with cold or flu.Needless to say,Rhianna also came down with her very own viral fever resulting in high temperature of over 39 degrees.
Three days,many sponge baths and fever medications later,she was better.But once the fever was gone, in came the severe coughing.

The paediatrician decided to nebulise her twice a day for two days to get rid of the phlegm and make sure that the lungs remain clear.

We are so lucky that she was such a good sport during the nebuliser episodes..or maybe she was too tired to kick a fight.

Anyways, after three trips to the paediatrician office,one trip to the ER (at night!) for rapid testing to rule out the dreaded H1N1 virus  ( negative, thank god! )...she is finally ok.
She didn't need antibiotics or antiviral whatsoever.She kicked the virus in the butt with her very own antibody and the doctors were pleased.
Well,I'm pleased..she's my strong powerpuff girl!

Oh btw,she was severely pampered and spoiled during these days that I have a hard time convincing her now that she's no longer sick and she CAN get her own juice box from the fridge and pick up the story book that has fallen off the sofa.

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