Saturday, November 6, 2010

A fun experience !

Rhianna participated in a colouring contest during the official launching of WQ Park Rehab Center today (the place where she receives her many therapies - ).She didn't belong in any age category since she is only 3 so they put her in the 4-6 years old group.Seriously,I was just expecting a few random scribbles here and there but I just let her joined in the fun.

She needed some prompting from the art therapist but she basically chose her colours and managed everything quite independantly.

This is what she produced..woohoo! Notice parts of the picture is unfinished..well she's only 3 years old so her attention span only allow her that much.

She received a consolation prize for her effort (believe me, it took a lot of effort to finish that much..she yawned multiple times but still persevered)

It was a fun experience for her plus she got a cute mickey mouse pencil case and many other goodies to bring back home!

P/S : the boy in red cap is her current best friend

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