Saturday, December 4, 2010

The ecosystem and the endangered species..

Rhianna has finished one week of holiday camp where the 3 -4 year old got to learn about the ecosystem and the endangered species..When I heard about the theme I wasn't quite sure..can a 3 year old understand this?...many of the adults still don't get it.How else do you explain animal poaching and illegal logging and other stuffs.

But the school made it easy and fun for them.Rhianna came back every day with tons of new words and many pretty crafts to show off.

Learning about the food chain..who eat who...Obviously human eat fish like Rhianna demonstrated here..I wonder if she'll take more fish in her meals now?

They also learn about farm animals and their purposes and also domestic animals.Let's hope that she wont start holding our already tortured and extremely patient cat like that.

Here,she's showing off her new knowledge about panda bear habitat,food and other stuff.She was telling me that panda bear eat bamboo..(with " I cant believe you dont know this" look)

Here is the life cycle of a butterfly (or something like that).They got to see the real catterpilar,coccon and butterfly and scrutinize them under a magnifying glass.I really hope that those creatures survived under the 3 year old hands..yikes.

So it was a really good language experience.She managed to get more new words (much more than I dared hope),learn a couple of new songs,make new friends...most importantly,she absolutely
 enjoyed herself!

Next week's theme : The wonder of fruits

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