Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not about her speech or language..

Today's post is not about her language or speech or even her hearing..
I was laughing looking at her baby photos and thinking that it would be fun to put some pictures together to see how much she has improved over the years (in the appearance department)

  • She definitely didn't have a neck then.A little bit on the bald side with sumo wrestler proportion.


  • Still pretty much the same here plus posing for the camera with the wide eyed shocked look

  • Some improvement seen here.Her hair finally grew longer and oh..there's the neck!

  • Definitely more improvement here.She's having the half smile and naughty twinkle in her eyes.The expression that I come to know so well and it usually means trouble!

  • The emergence of cheekiness and naughtiness.Looks continue to improve as she starting to tolerate hair accessories.

  • Hair continue to grow longer (If I didn't cut her hair she would have become Rapunzel in flesh and blood.).Still have that shocked look when posing for the camera.

  • Trying on different "hairstyles".This is how she'd probably look like if she had curly hair. 
  • This how she looks like now (minus the curly hair!).She has lost most of her baby fat (which makes me so sad).She's not gaining it back no matter how much I feed her..instead she's growing taller and slimmer.

It's amazing and sad how time flies.She's no longer that chubby little creature that only sleeps on my chest.She's now a preschooler always busy with her 'projects' and pretend play.She doesn't always listen to me anymore as she now has teachers who also teach her about many wonderful things.

BUT..she still thinks that mommy is as pretty as a barbie doll...woohoo!

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