Saturday, January 22, 2011


My child talks and sings all the time..seriously.Recently,she started sleeping with her processor on so that she can sing herself to sleep.Every night as soon as I switched off the light,she will start her medley of songs.She will sing all the nursery rhymes over and over again and she sometimes change the words to make the songs sound silly and funny...then she'd giggle over her clever words.I often have to tell her to close her eyes AND her mouth and go to sleep.I tried taking off her processor and yet she still sings with or without her 'ear'.Very funny.

I've noticed that she learns songs faster now and her tunes are much more accurate.This may be the result of her weekly music class or maybe she just listens better now.

Last weekend when I was cooking in the kitchen and she was also 'cooking' and feeding her mickey mouse, I heard her telling mickey to eat the vegetables.It was very funny listening to her telling mickey that vege taste good and it's not hot or spicy so mickey should at least try it.Later on when she refused her vege,I told her the same thing using her own words and she smiled sheepishly.

Just now when she was playing with my friend's daughter after dinner,the adults were laughing at the fact that the deaf child is talking more than the hearing child.

It has been an amazing journey to get here to this place we're at and I'm looking forward to share more amazing moments with my amazing girl.


  1. The singing is great, isn't it? Ben loves to sing, too. When we first found out he was deaf, I was sad to think he would never hear music (how wrong I was!), but it wasn't the highest priority -- the top priority was language and speech. But it's amazing that the music has come as a bonus!

  2. Request from other parents : for you to write in Malay too