Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We're still around

We're still around,just a little bit busy.

Rhianna is doing very well in preschool.I had a nice chat with her teacher who said that Rhianna is catching up very fast in her language skills.We just need to brush up on her pronunciation (she's due for another map next week).We're also going to do another language assessment on her to see how much has she gained.We wont be able to tell exactly where she's at in comparison to her peers as these tests are not normed (yet) in our country.But we would at least have some ideas of her language development.

We are also working on getting her a new ear which we hope would happen soon.We are now waiting for a surgery date from our Supersurgeon.We so love this surgeon for his superb skill and he is also currently one of the best in the region...So we'll wait until he's available.

So that's pretty much our update..and also, Rhianna decided that she no longer wants to be Rapunzel and had been nagging me for a haircut for over a week.So, today she got one at a salon and has been showing everyone who would look and telling everyone who would listen (on the phone) about her new hairdo.I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow.

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