Friday, March 4, 2011

Rapunzel's hair cut

Rhianna has always had long hair.After she watched the movie Tangled,she insisted that she be called Rapunzel.Recently however,her language developed more.With more language,come more ideas.With more ideas come reasoning ability.All these combined with a stubborn child resulted in a hair cut.

I love her long silky hair.She needs the long hair.Really.She's very active and a bit tomboyish so she needs the long hair to keep some girlish element.Also,I used to braid her hair tightly over the magnet piece to keep them from falling off everytime she went for her OT sessions or to the playground.

For the last few weeks however she started asking me for a hair cut.Reasons being:

1.All her classmates have short hair (except one girl but she didn't mention that,little stinker).
2.Short hair is cute (?)
3.Her name is actually Rhianna not Rapunzel (really?)
4.Everybody she knows has short hair (I'm not so sure about that)

Anybody who knows this child knows that there is no point in arguing with her.
So here are the pictures.

Setting up the length.She wanted short short!Mommy said not too short please!So we compromised on shoulder length
She wanted short bangs too

Posing with her 'cute' short hair

Again at home with her 'cute' short hair.Notice the fake butterfly tattoo on her arms? She's a future diva I told ya!

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