Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She's four! (How did that happen??)

So, she turned four on May 13th and we decided to party,party,party! She browsed the net with me and selected the cake that she wanted to bring to preschool.

Well, it's pink with a picture of the princesses (What more can a girl ask for?)

With her preschool friends (yes,they only have that many children in the school and maybe 5 more not in the photo)
 They played games,sang songs,ate the cake and had a lot of fun.When I picked her up,she was very chatty and telling me all about her party not knowing that we had another one waiting for her at the daycare.

Another party after naptime with her daycare friends

With a cupcake of her own choosing

And later in the evening another party with friends and family (I said party,party,party - so we actually had 3 parties)

Cake ordered and sponsored by a friend of mine- totally amazing!

The trio - The only children in our close circle of friends

And finally the unveiling of the mysterious gift that was kept hidden for the past one month.We saw her drooled over this thing in the store and decided to get it for her birthday and also to celebrate the 'birth' of her new 'ear'.She knew this thing is (damn) expensive and didn't even (dare) ask for it.

Behold the Rosebud dollhouse or the Pink House as Rhianna calls it.

Inside view of the Pink house.It has three floors including the attic
 We only got her the bedroom,living room and kitchen furniture so the house is still quite empty.We plan to do some reward system to get her to work more on her new ear and 'earn' more furnitures for her pink house.Hope it will work out and motivate her to do more therapy.See,we never spend money unecessarily.All her toys were carefully selected and geared towards therapy.

So,that's her birthday story.Yes, she was thoroughly spoiled for the day after all you only turned four once!

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