Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We did it!

We finally did it! Rhianna's second implant was switched on ,on May19th.I was anticipating chaos and hardship but it didn't happen.Boy,was I glad.

She participated well during the map but was a bit upset after the switch on saying that the new ear is noisy.I guess that's how it is if your ear has not been hearing for the past four years.Anyway,the new ear is turned on very low BUT she was able to detect and identify all Lings sounds by day 3.Yes,we started therapy at home from day 1.Not that we're so ambitious,we were just trying to get her to understand that the new ear will need training too.At first she was quite amused working with the new ear,then she got a bit bored.So we mostly work for about 15-20 minutes each night on sound detection, Lings and some early sounds.
So far this new ear is working way faster than we could ever imagine (talk about cross over effect!).

Kylie the koala is Rhianna's new best friend.She enjoys reading the book on how Kylie got her CI

The new bilateral bionic girl in her pink tutu skirt
 So far,our second hearing journey has been much easier than the first from surgery to switch on to getting her to wear the device.She's been wearing the new ear as much hours as the old one if not more and WITHOUT complaining.Hopefully,this will last forever and ever.
So keep us in your thoughts and prayers people.

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