Friday, August 26, 2011

Cookies fun

Miss R is doing very well  with her hearing,speech and language development.So I'm constantly looking for new activities to do to give her rich language experiences.It helps that she loves story books so we could use the books to further enhance her vocabulary.It doesn't help that she normally have loads of homework every day so we have to spend a good portion of the night to finish them.When you're dealing with Miss R,you'll hear a thousand excuses of why she simply can't do the homework - My favourite would be the cat is watching her.I have no idea how a cat can disturb her by just watching from afar.

Anyway,with the Aidil Fitri holiday coming,we decided to make some cookies for her teachers.Here I must confess,I'm not actually a baking person.I cook ,but I just don't bake.I baked cakes before using pre mixed stuffs that come in a box ( hey,don't judge me!)
Anyhow, we made some following a recipe a found in a magazine. Rhianna loved playing with the dough ,decorating her cookies and of course learned many more new words.The cookies turned out a bit hard but Rhianna ate them saying they were nice ( probably because she made them).

No,of course those cookies didn't reach the teachers.We have plan B - store bought cookies (again,don't judge).At least this time I know the cookies taste nice and Rhianna still participated by making the cards to stick on the boxes.

So these are the cookies that made it to the teachers.We had fun and all is well.

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