Thursday, August 4, 2011

They are family too!

We love our pets.They are troublesome for sure but they are entertaining.I grew up with cats,rabbits,hamsters,turtles and fish and now I think my daughter is following in my foosteps.

Meet rhianna's pets :

This is Sam.He was actually my cat but Rhianna claimed him as her own.He was a fat,grumpy cat with attitude but was always so gentle with her.I thought that he hated her for stealing all the attention ( he was the 'baby' before the real baby came) but I found them sleeping like this one day.So I guess he loved her in his own way or maybe he was trying to reclaim his position as the 'baby' in the family.One could only guess.Sadly,he passed away at the age of 10 of rich cat's disease (diabetes).We still miss him.

Meet Benben.He's the sweetest (though not the brightest) cat ever.After Sam's passing,he became the object of torture for Rhianna.He would let her do anything to him.What I love about Benben is that he is a willing model.Here, he was posing for a book that I made for Rhianna to teach her about preposition.All I need to do is put him somewhere and he'll pose.He's such a good sport (or maybe not very bright).

Agent Scully aka 'the wheel of blades'

She's called Scully because she's smart and nosy.She investigates every moving things and every sound that she hears.She's also good at being invisible (a smart cat will acquire this skill to survive living with an active child)The photo is blurred because she hates people getting too close to her.If you try to cuddle her,she'll turn into 'the wheel of blades' and you might get hurt.She's the only pet that escapes Rhianna's torture.She's smart remember?

This is Spots - the baby eaters.She got the guppies from her playgroup with other CI kids.They were working on pets theme so everybody got to bring back the fish.She has 4 guppies- all named Spots (go figure).I love to watch them but I get stuck with the cleaning as the rightful owner is too young to do so.They are baby eaters seriously.One of the females was super pregnant and one day she was flat but no baby fish was seen anywhere.It disturbed me for days.I have 5 baby guppies from previous breeding though.

Nemo - the demonic fish

She's orange so she's Nemo according to Miss R.Another fish acquired through pets theme,this time from her preschool.And again,I get stuck with cleaning the tank.If you wonder why Nemo is alone,it is because she is super territorial or perhaps demonic.I tried giving her a partner twice but both times she bit the males to death.So alone she is as she prefers to be.

So these are our pets which enrich our lives in so many ways.They provide my daughter with so many language learning directly and indirectly.They teach her to care for animals and the responsibilities of a pet owner.Ok,she is still learning in the second area.

p/s : there was also Kiki the stray cat who adopted us as his family.He was a free spirited cat who later became a victim of hit and run.We still remember him with love.

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