Saturday, April 24, 2010

simply amazing

One morning..

Rhianna : Kiki come! (calling the cat)
Kiki : meow..(stretching his body)
Rhianna : Kiki come,come (gesturing for the cat to come)
Kiki : meow..(moves lazily towards Rhianna)
Rhianna :Kiki mamam (pushing the food bowl to Kiki)
Kiki :(starts eating)
Rhianna :Sedap?Sedap?
Kiki :(ignoring Rhianna,continues eating)
Rhianna :Kiki air,air (pushing Kiki's head towards the water bowl)
At this point,mommy intervenes (to prevent Kiki from drowning)

It's wonderful to watch this girl talking.This girl that couldn't hear a thing just 7 months ago ( let alone talk ) is now becoming such a chatterbox.Chatting even to the cat who wont answer back.Simply amazing.

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