Thursday, April 1, 2010

speech therapy

Aside from audiological mapping,speech therapy is another major aspect that will determine a child's progress.Therapy is a tricky business for a young child.So what we normally do for Rhianna is just play,play and play.While playing we narrate our activities,introduce words and concepts.
We made many mistakes initially.We asked too much questions,expect her to speak when she was not ready,we did'nt recognise the time when she was tired and on and on the list go on.But we are learning and progressing with her.
So simple tips for you all out there:
  • make it fun fun fun (easier said than done!)
  • Don't ask too much questions,rather provide her with the words that you want her to learn.Remember,a child needs to hear a word spoken many many times before she can understand it.
  • talk to your child like you would to a normal hearing child
  • don't use any signs or allow your child to lip read you.
  • and of course,find a quiet place initially to encourage her to listen.Listening in noise will need more training.


  1. can we add, don't forget they can bully you (the adults back) so stand your grounds .. (easier said that done!) laughs....

  2. Aaah..good point.These kiddos can be super manipulative.Remember when miss Rhianna bullied her 3 speech therapists?