Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little Miss grump

Once in a while, when the moon or stars or the sun get into alignment with each other or lovely little girl will turn into little Miss Grump.

Little Miss grump's mission in life is to irritate and to test the limits of everybody who loves her causing chaos in the family life.From the moment she opens her eyes in the morning until she closes it at night,she will fight us and her favourite word will become "NO!"Her favourite action will be rolling and kicking on the floor.

We all heard of the 'terrible two' phase.As funny as these episodes can sometimes be (to other spectators especially her grandparents who think that she's an angel even if she grew horns and fangs ),they can add up to the parents' stress.

What I've learned from reading and attending multiple talks on behaviour problems is that
1.Being a toddler is hard.They are trying to learn new things and trying to assert their independence while having to recognize their limitations...really, no kidding!

2.Being a toddler with a new CI is even harder.You've been through a surgery that could be quite traumatizing,you are suddenly bombarded with these sounds that people expect you to learn to understand.Furthermore,you have no control over them.

3.God is trying to punish you for giving your mom a hard time when you were a toddler yourself...just kidding.

Anyway..what I do when Little Miss Grump emerges is I pick my battle.I only fight her for really important stuff,like if she needs to take any medicine,or she's really tired but refuses to sleep..Still the best way to handle temper tantrum is to recognize the trigger factor and avoid it.

Most of the time I just lock myself in the bathroom, chill out and repeat the mantra.."This too shall pass..this too shall pass..this too shall pass.."

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