Thursday, April 1, 2010

enjoy your child!

When a child is born,every parent has certain expectations and hope.You want your child to be smart and creative,loving and kind,good looking and successful later in life.
But when your child is diagnosed with hearing loss or any other disorder,your hope and dreams seem to crumble.It's easy to lose perspectives amidst all the despair.But it's very important to remember that all hope is not lost.

There are a million things that you can teach your child.I teach my girl not to hide the device behind her hair.Though it attracts many unwanted attention and stares,I teach her to wear it with pride.I teach her that there's nothing that she cannot do if she sets her mind to it.Some things might be more difficult for her compared to others..all she has to do is work harder.I hope later she will learn not to make her handicap her disability.

There are days when I still despair.There are days when I still curse fate..not for giving me this child for she is totally delightful.I curse fate for giving her a bad deal..for all the hardship that she will have to endure.Then I have to remind myself..if I continue to despair,I would lose all the joy.The joy of loving this wonderful child that god has given me.

So for you out there..enjoy your child..enjoy every sleepless night,every temper tantrum,every cough, cold and vomit....every smile and laughter,every hug and kiss,every success and setback..everyday of his or her life.

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