Thursday, April 15, 2010

finding new ear

We have been exploring the possibility of bilateral hearing for Rhianna.She has been implanted on the left ear in august 2009 and switched on in september 2009.So she has been listening for almost 7 months now.Her speech and language progress is amazing.She currently has expressive vocabulary of over 100 words and she is starting to combine them into phrases more easily.She can hear pretty much everything including people whispering (in a quiet envirotment).But telling the direction of the sound remains a challenge since she is only listening from one ear.

So we fitted her with a hearing aid on the right side.Unfortunately,she can only pick up very loud sounds from that.I mean VERY loud sounds like drills,train,chainsaw sounds.So,she needs another implant on her right ear to give her bilateral hearing..and project Finding New Ear begins...

p/s : for those looking for funding for cochlear implants in Malaysia,we'll discuss the options in the next posting.

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