Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Classes update

A little bit of updates..I spoke to Rhianna's music teacher last week.She said Rhianna is doing very well in the class.She's beginning to imitate singing solo when asked to..sometimes not very accurately of course.She has good sense of rhythm and tempo (she didnt get it from me.I'm musically challenged!).She can follow instructions well but sometimes get easily distracted by the noisy toddlers.I guess this class really help sharpening her listening in noise skill.I owe many thanks to the teachers and other parents in the class who cheer and encourage her all the time.They help build her self esteem.

As for her reading class...still too early to say much about the progress, but she enjoys it tremendously.The teacher reported that she's the one with the best behaviour (I wish I can say that at home!).She listens and points as her teacher reads.She tells her class mates "come,sit down" when they walk around (that's her,always bossy).
She knows ( and can say!) her primary and secondary colours,her numbers (1-10)and almost half of the alphabets.She might have to catch up more on her language skill but at least academically,she's pretty much on par with her peers...yippee!

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