Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funding for CI

As promised,here are the ways to find funding for CI in Malaysia.
The criteria for CI candidacy in Malaysia is probably the same as anywhere else in the world.The child has to be diagnosed to be between severe to profoundly hearing impaired.The audiologist will then put the child on hearing aid trial (between 3-6 months)to see whether any benefits can be obtained from the device.from the ongoing assessment (including mri and ct scan) they will determine whether CI is necessary or not.

In our country,some private hospitals do perform CI surgery for self pay candidates.But the pioneer for this technology in Malaysia would be the National University Hospital (HUKM) who also provides funding for eligible candidates.Our ministry of health has also recently established a CI team that moves around the country providing funding and surgeries for the candidates in general hospitals.So you have to get in touched with these hospitals to learn of ways to get funding.If you work for the government you can apply through the JPA though it might take some time to be approved.So there are many ways to get the first ear implanted.Bilateral implantation is not yet available here.

The problem is,chances are very slim that you will be funded for the second ear that will cost u RM58K currently (for nuchleus 5).So what most people did (we are trying too)is to try to get donations from generous companies.In return,these companies will get tax exemption for the amount donated.There are some who appeal through the media too.You'll be surprised to see how generous people are in our country...


  1. if llollo gets nana a goldfish or baby turtles for her birthday, will there be chaos with the meows?

  2. No chaos with the meows.But Nana once tried to pet a hamster and the hamster ended up almost lifeless (too much love can kill).

  3. What a lovely blog and I am thrilled to read about Rhianna's progress. She is one smart toddler and you have nothing to worry. Thank you for sharing her with the world. I will definitely recommend this blog to friends and patients and do keep us updated with her antics. You are a great mum!! K