Wednesday, April 14, 2010

reading class

Today is Rhianna's first day in reading class.We registered her for Opus Young Reader Program in Opus academy of Music,Bandar Sunway.It's the same place where she attends her weekly music appreciation class for toddlers.
So here I am waiting anxiously outside her classroom expecting her to scream the moment I left her..but nope.She's showing off and talking to her teacher.Sooo.. amazing.I guess one should never underestimate one's offspring.I guess my toddler is already venturing into the world outside her home and family..and she's doing it beautifully.
The music class that she attends mainly aims to sharpen her listening skill.She learns to sing and dance,follow musical cue and rhythm.she also develops self confidence and make new friends.This kind of class I think is superb for children with CI.Rhianna learns new skill every week.
Now, the reading class is actually just mom's lazy way of getting Rhianna to learn new vocabulary.They also do a lot of fun phonic learning which is quite similar to the speech babble (which Rhianna despises..I dont know,maybe I'm doing it wrong)that we are supposed to teach our CI kids.
So,these are some of the activities that is easily available and affordable in our country.So try them!

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