Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Ice cream story

                                         Enjoying her ice cream..

                                           Do you want some?

This is the ice cream story..
Haunted by guilt for working so hard these few days,Mom decided to take Rhianna out for ice cream during lunch break.

Mom: Let's get some ice cream.
R      : Ice cream?
Mom :Yes.Do you want ice cream?
R       : (nodded excitedly)
Mom  : I love you
R        : I love you, mommy

After she got the ice cream..

R      : Thank you, mommy
Mom:  You're welcome. I love you
R      : I love you, ice cream
Mom : what??
R       : (squealed with laughter)
Mom : Do you love mommy or ice cream?
R       : Ice cream.Hmmm..ice cream sedap (delicious)

Oh well...mom is neither edible nor sedap like the ice cream.But the language,reasoning ability and sense of humor isn't too bad for 10 months hearing age.So mom is still glad.

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