Thursday, July 15, 2010

This one's for my friends

I'm thankful for my friends...I have many in real life and also online.Each of them serve a different purpose in my life.Some are fun to hang out with to share a few jokes,some are coffee buddies.Married friends might be good for parenting advice and single friends are good for when you need some cheering up for they do a lot of fun things (that I have stopped doing gazillion years ago it seems).I admit that I invest a lot of time in my friends.

But I have a few very good ones who over the years have become very closed to me.These are the ones who travelled 600 miles both ways to attend my wedding,cried when I became pregnant,jumped up and down in the Ob/gyn office when we discovered we were having a girl (more girl power!).These are the ones who were at the hospital during my labour,visited every night and stayed until midnight to help with the (screaming) newborn..and came to the house at 4 am to help with a screaming toddler.

They play a major role in Rhianna's upbringing as well..they babysit when ever I'm tired,they take her for outings,drive her to her classes and help plan her parties.The day I found out that my child is deaf,they cancelled everything and was just there for me.Then,they helped plan for her future.

Together we made various appointments and pulled all strings to give her the first CI.

Now,they are again demonstrating their value in my life as well as Rhianna's.These friends are the key to my quest for the second CI.They helped me find the donation from various people and companies.As the surgery time closing in and I start emptying my piggy banks,they are emptying theirs as well.

Even if I lived another hundred years,I wouldn't find anymore friends like the ones that I have now.
There are my rock,my sounding board..they are the gem in my life..

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