Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Striking while the iron's still hot

Rhianna's second surgery is yet to be scheduled.This July is an extremely busy month for me with Rhianna's multiple ear check up and therapy and also with the many changes in my career...(mum and dad still need to earn enough money for this little princess).

I have been asking around to see the importance of observing the optimal time for sequential surgery.The optimal time being 6-12 months between the two ears.If we are to follow that guideline,Rhianna needs to be implanted and switched on before September..that would mean..NOW! Like our ever helpful mentor Dr K said,we better strike while the iron's hot.

And then,there's the financial issue..this ear is going to cost us RM58K (which is a huge sum!).If we were to delay the surgery for a few months,we would have more time to raise the money needed.But if the few months delay is going to hinder Rhianna's progress..we would have to dig deeper into our pockets and empty more piggy banks and proceed with the surgery now.

I would really appreciate feedbacks from anybody with any experience at all.I need all the information before making any decision as I dont want it to come back and haunt us later..


  1. I've heard of kids who went for several years before they went bilateral, and they still did great. But I'm sure it's a lot easier to adjust if the second one comes sooner. If you know you'll have the money eventually, is there any way you can get a loan to help pay for surgery sooner?

  2. That is our last option.I so envy the parents who has insurance coverage for CI surgery.Here it is practically nonexistence.I know parents who mortgage their house to pay for the child's surgery.